Communication strategies for a successful reputation

It is becoming ever more important for companies to operate a professional brand and corporate communication strategy. Nowadays, the reality is increasingly conveyed or even determined by the media. Only a small part of that reality is a result of direct experience. It is therefore essential for companies to focus on communication. Only by implementing an active corporate or brand communication policy is it possible to control the perception and reputation of a brand in the public eye.

Alongside product brands, there is now a growing focus on corporate brands. Corporate communication and brand communication therefore need to be strongly connected, both in terms of strategy and content. Communication strategies should therefore not be viewed as separate elements but instead – in an ideal scenario – managed as part of a well-planned, integrated approach.

As a communication consulting service, we offer strategic corporate communication and brand communication that always maintains an overview of the whole company and its strategic direction. Targeted communication strategies for product brands and corporate brands are as much part of our range of services as crisis communication.

However, if a crisis should arise, crisis communication alone is often an inadequate solution. In the event of a sudden situation developing there is no time to discuss or execute suitable solutions: what is needed is a rapid response and appropriate communication measures. It is therefore essential to be prepared for any crisis that may occur. Only a structured approach to crisis prevention makes it possible to give a prompt and appropriate reaction.

As a communications agency with many years of experience in the field of brand consultancy, HERING SCHUPPENER Düsseldorf is the right contact partner for all issues of corporate communication, brand communication, crisis communication and crisis prevention. We know how important it is to have targeted communication strategies for brands and corporations. We also know how to put these communication strategies into practice in a way that ensures our clients will be seen in a positive light by the media and the general public. Our brand management raises the profile and enhances the reputation of our clients, giving them a valuable competitive advantage within their industry.

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