The Hering Schuppener Group

We are a successful group of communications experts. Our strength lies in our diversity. Our teams of professionals will provide you with advice tailored to the task at hand and develop communications solutions to your specific requirements. You can depend on us to keep your narrative moving forward.

Hering Schuppener Group is the leading strategic communications consultancy in Germany. Our services range from corporate and brand communications to financial and political communications, from healthcare communications to digital transformation. Our list of clients is just as varied. We work for major international corporates as well as for medium-sized companies, start-ups and institutions.

We want your communications to be successful. To provide you with the most effective support, we will put together a team, which is tailored to your unique needs, comprised of professionals who are familiar with your market and capable of analysing all relevant aspects before devising and implementing creative strategies. This way we will come up with innovative and promising solutions for you.

Established in 1995, Hering Schuppener Group has more than 220 consultants in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg and Brussels. Both Hering Schuppener Group and our strategic partner, Finsbury, are tied into WPP Group, the world’s leading provider of marketing communications services.